Yes, I am still alive! Info on our fabulous ink pads, too!

Hi there!! I’m so sorry I have been absent. Yikes! It has been over a week. Where does the time go? I took a little vacation last week to Green Bay, Wisconsin. I had a great time with some wonderful gals.. around 60 to be exact. I love these gals.. they mean the world to me.

I miss them all, already. They are very talented and very creative ladies for sure! I was in awe all week! I took the car ferry and enjoyed the colors on our way to Green Bay and back.

Speaking of color.. in my little town of Ludington, I went for a ride today. I had a creative slump. When I do, I love to take a ride and my camera.. and see if anything inspires me. I thought I’d share a few photos with you…

That is our State Park. Isn’t it awesome? I feel pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful area.. I just wish the mall was closer.. 90 miles makes it an all day event (which, isn’t such a bad thing either! *wink*).

I am preping for a class I have on October 24th. It is my “Falling Turkeys” Class. I am so excited to stamp with these gals! I hope they love the cards that I am putting together – I am having a blast doing so.

You can find my class schedule HERE. I have a new mobile app – join in on the fun by adding it HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by.. have a fantabulous night and make sure to take time and get a bit inky!


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