Where Have I Been Lately?

HI there! Thanks for stopping! I am not blogging like I used you – I know you notice this. It really bums me out! I have to say, I am exhausted. I don’t mean to be. This month has been a crazy and well, stressful month as an Innkeeper which then plays on my creative mojo.

I wont get into all the boring details. I guess I keep thinking I am super woman and can do it. Truth is, I cant. I am trying really hard though.

I hope to have my creative mojo back this week and be able to post inspiration for you. I have needed to give myself some slack. I feel so guilty that I have not been able to “keep up” and just do it all.

I told myself it was better I take a tiny bit of time to get back on track.

So, on that note, I am sorry I have not been the “every single day” posting blooger like I vowed I would be. However, I  guess sometimes we all need to give ourselves a break. 16 hour work days can be draining. I just need to get on that “summer  innkeeper schedule” and stuff.

Before I go though, don’t forget about our Weekly Deals:


weekly june 16

I will see you tomorrow, with our NEW Weekly Updates! Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for understanding.  Make something pretty and get inky! *hugs*






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