Where Has Dawn Been?

Yikes! I have not been a faithful consistent blogger lately, have I?

I am sorry.

I made a promise to myself to blog EVERY day. Guess what? Its hard to keep that promise. Its hard to keep up creating every day to post. I have come to realize I am not super woman. I feel bad. I try to blog as much as I can.

Summer is coming – this means, I will have LESS time for me to create and play with paper. Eeek! But, I will be around as much as I can be.

Things that are happening in the next few months – I’m so excited!

Next Tuesday, April 12th, I am leaving for Salt Lake City for OnStage Live (this is what used to be called Convention, in July). I have to admit, I am happy its in April and not July. As an Innkeeper, having it in July was not good timing. I will get a copy of the NEW Annual Catalog!!! I am super excited. Like, really really REALLY excited! I will have to be careful what I show when I show it (per Stampin` Up! compliance) but I will share as much as I can! I will try to Periscope when I can too! Add Periscope on your smart phone – it is an APP and its FREE! IF you have twitter, load it thru your Twitter account. Its just easier. Do a search for me and add me @CreativeChalet. Its interactive.. its live on the spot and its fun. My scope saves for 24 hours after I am on “air”. Pretty awesome stuff! I will return home Sunday April 17th. I will try to get some blog posts scheduled before I go….

periscope 2

May 19th is approaching quickly! This is a VERY special date for me.. and guess where I will be traveling to? The Mediterranean for the Stampin` Up! Incentive Trip! I am nervous and excited at the same time! Life is going to be busy! I have an Inn of 45 rooms to have ready to rent for summer too! I will be gone during a holiday weekend (Memorial Weekend). Am I nervous about that? Heck yeah! But, I hope all goes well while I am away. I have lots to do before flying over seas!

So, because of all of this STUFF happening, I will try my best to blog when I can. I try to post even more on my Facebook Group – so please join me there too! Just wanted to let you know now – I am not running away, just have a few little “things” happening here and there.

Now, on to the good stuff!

This past weekend, I had a few demonstrator friends stay with me for a weekend of crafting overload. Today I am experiencing Crafting Hangover. LOL. We had SO much fun.. laughing, sharing, and crafting all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was sad to see them go. I just had to share a few photos. below!

Oh! Something else to share!! We all worked on our Project Life Memory Keeping on Saturday morning! Guess what?? Between the 3 of us, we completed 123 pages of memories!!!!!!! Seriously!! 123 pages! This is WHY i love this system of memory keeping.. its pocket page scrapbooking / memory keeping. I absolutely LOVE it!


Bernice and I taking a quick break from the crafting!


Kim, myself and Melissa.. between the 3 of us.. 123 pages completed! We rock!


Kim seeing life thru “rose colored” (or maybe Calypso Coral) glasses.


Kim, myself and Melissa memory keeping like crazy!


Having a break – dinner and laughter! Kim, Melissa, myself and Bernice.

Fun photos, right? They make me smile! These are friends I’d have never met, if it was not for me being a demonstrator. All these ladies are also demonstrators. We share, we have fun.. and share our creations and thoughts and how we each run our businesses. I love these women!

I wanted to share my fab weekend with all of you! Stay tuned, tomorrow we have NEW Weekly Deals and other updates from the Chalet!

Have a great night.. make something pretty and get inky! *hugs*



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