When you cannot sleep… digital scrapbook!

I had a restless night.. maybe it is because I have 5 boxes arriving today? 🙂 I’m excited, what can I say. I was going through some very old photos (I think this was 2006) and this photo of Mario, Tim and I just makes me smile. It was a great time. This was in Prescott AZ. I think there were around 40 of us all there for a Creative Journey and one of the days we were there, Tim had this huge surprise for us. We loaded up into a tour bus and went to his favorite burger place.. In – N – Out Burger. Talk about getting looks! I think we sort of invaded the place. It brings me lots of smiles to look through those photos. A great time and I’m blessed I was part of that. He also took us to his home (yes, in the tour bus.. wonder what his neighbors thought with 40 women piling out of a bus and into his home LOL). We got to see his studio for the first time. Amazing and WOW come to mind! Here is a layout I did last night based on a sketch. I hope it bring a smile to your face, like it does mine (and yes, we were all wearing those silly little hats!).

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