What’s Old Is Cool…. Again!

Years ago when I was growing up, my mom and dad did a side business collecting antiques. I can recall being toted around with them into old barns and stinky stores.. hunting for the gem that they could resell. My mom was into depression glass and my dad enjoyed rebuilding pump organs, and other furniture. I can remember my mom downstairs stripping yucky furniture and making it look so beautiful, rediscovering the wood underneath some distressed furniture with years of built up paint or the like. She’d re cain chairs and they’d reupholster chairs. In fact, today, my parents have the best of the best pieces in their summer home. The pump organ still works, the victor record player still plays.. and the claw foot table with the press back chairs still used as their dining table for special occasions. I swore Id never want to see another antique in my life! As I have somewhat grown up (ahem! hehe) I have learned to appreciate what is old.. and look at it with a whole new perspective. What is old.. is cool! Today I took a few minutes to check out Cole’s Antiques (which is next door to House Of Flavors Restaurant) and browse around.. as I am thinking of a new little project for a “naked” shadow box. An idea which I seen on Tim’s blog.. and I’m looking for just the right things to fill inside it. I didn’t find anything in particular today that would fit in this box BUT.. I am eyeing this typewriter.. and check out a few other things that caught my eye. This typewriter is sweet!!! I’m thinking of how I’d display it. Hmmm! Check out the spices. I can recall my Grandma having a cupboard full of these.. and it brings back memories of her baking in her kitchen and her letting me lick the spatula everytime! Take time to roam and check out some of that old stuff.. ! Just think of all the cool stories some of those antiques could tell!


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