Visiting Arizona

Hi Everyone.. this isnt stamping news.. but Im traveling.. and I thought Id share a few things. I am in Tucson. Within 12 hours of being here, there was a shooting. That was tragic. On a bright side, I am here to visit some family. My auntie lives here. I’ve not seen her in 10 years at least. I have found out my cousin is here too.. I will see him Wednesday. Ive not seen him since I was a kiddo. Wow! I am at a cool resort called Star Pass. It has 3 golf courses.. a spa which Ive yet to find. Its layout is kinda cool.. all sorts of Cacti and this.. a picture which wont load.. GRRR.. I miss some of the conveniences of home.. LOL.. Ok.. well anyway.. it looks like a pg but I hear its called a Javalina… and we had a whole family.. babies included, right outside our patio here at the resort. I ran to get my camera and I missed the babies.. Im bummed.. none of my pictures will load. *pout*.. Oh well. You all take care and take time to be creative.. !


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