Update On Ruby & Cards To Share!

So, thru the night, Ruby didn’t feel so good. She is on a diet of kaopectate today. Bleh! Poor thing. I knew this was going to happen. She has been, lets say.. miserable, today. I called the vet and they told me not to feed her today and just let her have water and kaopectate every hour til bedtime. Oh yum. She has a way with those big puppy dog eyes, I tell you. I will not cave!

Now, for some cards. I got creative yesterday.. and made a few with friends.. and also did my workshop cards from Jenny’s Christams card workshop that I missed a few weeks ago. These were fun and Jenny, you find the coolest things for us to do. So here is a few of the cards Lu and I made, and the 5 from Jenny’s workshop. Hope you enjoy… Today. Im going to challenge myself with Tim’s 12 Tags of Christmas 🙂

Ok.. those above were CASE’d or just created from our lil heads… Now.. the next batch is from Jenny’s workshop.. (these are very cool!)…

Have a good day.. I’m off to get inky.. 🙂


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