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Welcome! I wanted to share something very personal with you. I started a vlog and then I stopped? Why? I’m not sure. I guess things became a bit overwhelming and I was not sure how to share it. I dunno.


My schedule.. it seemed very overwhelming at the time.. look at all those appointments.. 20 total Rad Treatments.. and today is the LAST one!

Today is the last day of my Radiation Treatments.. but.. before I share more about that.. lets pick up where I left off.

I think my last video was in July.. I think.. or was it the end of June.

Of course, the Inn was crazy busy and I had this “bump in the road” to deal with and I wanted to make sure I kept my Stampin Classes going here at the Chalet. After all, its all of you, who kept me going through this very rough time. Talk about STRESS – Ugh.. yep.. was not good timing.. but is it ever? A very special thank you to David, who is my rock. My parents Ed and Sharon who also helped me though this and offered rides and made sure I would be okay. I don’t care how old I am.. I still need my Mom and Dad.

I had NO idea the emotions that would pop up out of the blue. I tried hard to hold it in.. but at times, I just let it out. Thank you for all of you who have stood by me, supported me, and helped me get those those rough spots. You have NO idea how much this has meant to me.

Is it all over once Radiation is done? No.. but .. its yet another new beginning to my health and hopefully this will be the only time I deal with the big “C”.

Muskegon Michigan

The women’s dressing room waiting area.. got to know this area well and chatted with the most amazing women.

The Lockers where I have left cards daily!

This is Franken Burner.. or Molly Mender.. I had a few names for it!

I have learned so much about myself, personally and those who also are dealing with the terrible Cancer stuff. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. I thank those professionals who help “us” deal and cope with this. I thank the techs who gave me a hug when I balled like a baby on the “rad machine” the first few times.. their kindness and patience with me. I thank the nurse who I believe is Darcy who gave me a big hug when I had a little “melt down” before seeing the doctor… and I thank all my friends for the most awesome support ever.. I truly have the MOST AMAZING friends ever.. and I thank my FAMILY who has helped me so much through this.. the rides to and from the Cancer Center in Muskegon, and for listening when I would just shout and cry and not understand why this was happening. I dont lead a rough life.. I dont smoke or drink (much). I am mostly a work a holic and I think stress was NOT my best friend.

I also want to preach.. just for a second.. let me get on my soap box here.. PLEASE make sure you ladies get a Mamogram yearly.. promise me this! You owe it to yourself.. and your health! I was shocked when I found out.. and so thankful that it was detected early. Mine was not something you could feel through a self exam.. it was detected by the machine.. soooooooo, once again, PLEASE make sure you commit to a yearly exam. Ok.. enough of that! 🙂

The Johnson Family Cancer Center has been amazing. My local Oncologist in Ludington… not so much. I’ve decided to continue my treatment in Muskegon.  I have learned to be a bit vocal with my health care. I want to be treated as Dawn, not a number, or a patient that isn’t remembered. When you deal with something so scary, you want to make sure YOU are included in the care, are given options, and are heard.

My Onco Test score was low.. which is what saved me from Chemotherapy Treatments. I thank God for that. I truly do.

So, I have to admit.. now that I’m not going to be going 5 days a week on a road trip of 50 miles each way and seeing Techs and Doctors daily.. its exciting and scary. The consistent “keeping tabs on me” wont be there.. but I will be visiting doctors often enough for check ups and yep… mamograms to keep an eye on things.

There was more I could share.. but I’ve decided.. its all the past and no sense beating a dead horse. LOL.

I just want to thank YOU.. for being part of my support system – I’m so thankful for each of you!

Now, lets celebrate with some photos!!

My Pink Highlights!

My mom, who took me to my first appointment.

She is amazing.. wonderful nurses!

Dr Tate, my Radiation Oncologist.

She is patient and kind! Always smiling!

Techs, April and Shawn

Tech, Grant

And a few more photos!!

I was able to get a picture with all the amazing techs – I even got a certificate. Thank you for always having a smile even when I was not so smiley!

This is Darcy, who gave me a big hug just when I needed one!

This is all my info on whoa.. so many screens.. 😉

With permission, I took this picture. These amazing ladies I met in the “womens waiting room” and we shared our concerns, thoughts, stories.. and they helped me get through this even if they had no idea they did. Marrie  and Jill.. you both are amazing and I wish you the best and here is to being healthy!! Much love and hugs!

Thank you so much – and once again.. thank all of my family and friends and professionals who have been beside me during this journey.. onto the next step to my health of being cancer free! Much love!!! Cheers! Love and hugs!

Now, time to stamp and get inky!!!


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  1. I’m so glad the RAD treatments are coming to a close. When I was visiting in MI you were about to begin the process. I am so proud of you and how you have handled this journey. It is incredible to me how brave you are to share such an intimate and very scary time for you. May God bless you and continue to keep you in his care my friend. See you very soon!!


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