Take me out to the balllgame!!! Go Tigers!

Hey batter, batter, batter, SWING! Yesterday I took a day off and went to Detroit to see the Detroit Tigers Baseball team play. They played against the Washington Nationals.. and we was 8-3, sweeping the 3 game series. Woohoo! Way to go Tigers!!! So, I thought Id just share a few moments with you. The stadium is very nice.. somewhat “new” too! I got to see the Jazz player outside the stadium (who is always there), bought some sushi to nibble on before the game, my lemonade, and of course.. had to get a stadium hot dog.. (pictured down below is Walt, who signed the hot dog in mustard with his name.. wasn’t that creative?? LOL). How much more “Americana” can one get? 🙂 Oh, and that pic of the “dude” on the screen I took, that is the one and only Kenny Loggins who sang the National Anthem. Cool eh? Those people w/ those groomer broom things.. they are like the “dirt zamboni peopole” for the field. LOL. I brought back a free souvenir, a sunburn.. but it was fun and my days off in the summer are few and far between.. this was much needed before the Gus Macker Basketball Tournament I deal with this weekend..:) Take care and may your weekend be fun, warm, sunny and creative! 🙂


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