Summertime Crazyness

Hi Everyone! As you have seen, I have been slacking on my blog. I really miss being creative. My inn has been so busy (which is very good.. this means.. I can buy MORE stamps! LOL), but my personal life comes to a halt and I really really miss my “inky” therapy. In fact, I think I’m starting to get crabby! *gasp* So, soon, you will see a creative Dawn once again. (maybe even………….. tomorrow?). I hope to sneak down to my craft studio and get a little messy and creative and get my happy face back on!

I hope your summer has been wonderful and you are enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes I get a bit bummed, because I really love summer.. and the season I enjoy most.. I have to work long hours. I see everyone enjoying my pool and I wish it was me! (thank goodness for fake baking!).

So, I hope this finds you well and stay tuned… maybe.. just maybe, I will have a pretty little card to post. 🙂 In the meantime.. take time to get inky.. and have fun!


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