sprinkles and camels!

After the HH was over.. Sunday we took off and went to Phoenix early. Lia followed and we met up with our friend Sharon!! Sharon, it was so good to see you.. I’ve miss you so much. You rock girl! It was so much fun! We all got to have lunch together. We then went to Sharon’s house and got to meet the rest of her family. What a cool studio she has.. I have to show you all (she is gonna kill me.. but this is a great pic of her). She also took us to a place called Sprinkles. Have you ever heard of it? Its basically a very YUMMY and expensive lil cupcake but.. worth every penny! So good!!! We then took a peek at her beautiful home and walked the Phoenix Zoo and seen the Christmas lights.. which was so much fun. We met up with a young man who was giving camel rides.. ! Did you know.. camels do not spit? Also.. you don’t have to feed a camel for 8 months? A camel can go without a drink for 3 months and….. they dont store water in those humps.. its purely just fatty bumps. Who wouldda thunk? LOL. So, see.. the zoo was beautiful and educational.. I still say.. camels would be much less maintenance than dogs! I don’t want a hippopotamus for Christmas.. i wanna camel! 🙂 Thank you Sharon for spending your day with us.. it was so much fun and so great to see you! Merry Christmas!! *HUGS*


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  1. We did have a blast that day .. and night!! It WAS so much fun! When is Dave’s camel arriving?? Remember, he wanted the shorter, stockier breed, the one with the flat humps, better for riding around town! Hahaharharharhar!!


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