A Springtime Walk Around Ludington’s Best Spot.. THE BEACH!

HI!! Happy Spring.. well for the day at least.. don’t blink tho because it could change in a blink of an eye.. it is Michigan yano! I’m located in Ludington, which is along the west coast of the state.. and blessed with natural beauty. I complain about the winters.. I hate winter. I don’t like the cold.. BUT.. this time of year.. i so love! The flowers are budding, the birds are back and the water is moving! I took a ride to the state park today.. it was gorgeous.. just about 60F. So, here is just a sample of some of the 55 pictures I took today.. enjoy! Happy Spring.. and soon I’m going to actually scrapbook.. so Ill share a few photos of that this week.. fingers crossed. 🙂


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