Spring Cleaning!

Hiya papercrafters! Well, it is that time of year.. spring.. which means.. spring cleaning! I have gone thru a lot of my stamp sets and have downsized. Why? Well, because I want MORE! You know how it goes.. ya see stuff.. ya want it.. no room for it.. thus.. go thru what is not used.. and replace with NEW stuff! Retail therapy is good for the soul.. and hey.. why not give what ya don’t want to a good home? Al tho, when I was going thru these sets at times I was saying to myself.. “what the heck was I thinking?” Oh well.. styles change.. my tastes change.. just like fashion.. so does paper crafting. I’m more into the vintage, shabby chic, and distress type of look now. So, if you are on ebay check em out.. i have over 80 sets listed. I have a “wish list” started already.. so I hope I sell this stuff fast! Have a great day.. and hey.. weekend is getting closer.. yay! Happy crafting! Hugs!


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