Someone Made Mother Nature Really Angry! :)

Oh got cold.. and the wind started to blow.. and then the snow fell.. and there were drifts all over.. schools closed and half the town of Ludington shut down.. this was part of a big storm that hit the midwest. Yikes. I have to say.. I’m really getting tired of the snow. Please arrive soon, Spring! Here are a few photos 🙂 These were taking at my inn and around town. Brrrrrrr.. so what is a girl to do? Stay inside and STAMP! Lookie how high the drifts were.. to the door knobs! Ack…

 At the beach.. certainly not bikini weather.. Yikes!

This is along side my garage.. look at this pile of snow up to the peek of the roof top! Am I insane to live here or what?? LOL

 The gazebo is getting covered with snow.. running out of places to put this stuff….

 Here is Ruby and Myself enjoying the snow! Brrrrrrrrrr…..(isnt her coat cute??)

Ok.. now for some Valentine fun.. some creative stuff Ive been making.. enjoy! BTW, some of these cards inspired by Jenny Peterson and Kimberly Van Diepen.. I CASE’d their ideas.. (copy and shared everything). They rock.. just say’n..

 These are those cute bottles of hand sanitizers that you can get at Bath & Body Works .. 5 for $5.00.. a cute little packaging idea.. I love em!

 Using the top note die (stampin up) and all the stampin up goodies.. making these cute little bags that hold candy or other little trinkets inside. 🙂
 I filled those cute jars with red hots.. mmmm!!

There ya go.. keep inside.. and be creative!


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  1. OMG! is all I can say with all that snow. I know what your property looks like without that … are you sure its under all that white stuff!! Girl, you’ve got more valentines stuff than a store!! and so cute too. The doggie coat is soooo cute!!! Stay warm. we had a windy 45 high here yesterday ….. yuck!!


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