Some pictures from my adventure to the UK & Norway! #sunorwayincentivetrip

I thought I’d share some of the fun had while away. I am very grateful for this opportunity I had to be on the Stampin Up Incentive Trip. This was a once in a lifetime adventure and I could not have earned it without the help of all of you! We had a mishap in London – David was pickpocketed. Ugh. We took care of the necessities on the credit cards and tried not to let it dampen the rest of our vacation. Its just a bummer it happened on our first full day (refreshed) in London on a tour.

To get the business part out of the way and to make sure I stay in compliance, Stampin Up! is asking that we post this:

Just needing to let everyone know that this was a huge milestone for me to achieve with a lot of hard work and dedication to my stamping business. Less than 1% of demonstrators have achieved this trip. Thank you for supporting me. I’m blessed.

London was pretty cool! I loved to see the sights up close and person. Its so different from seeing things on a computer or TV. 2 things I really wanted to do: Get a Radley London purse and have a true Fish N Chips Meal!

Day 1 on Anthem Of The Seas: we were at sea and Stampin Up! had a general session for us. We got a few sneak peeks at some items that will be in the holiday catalog which I know you will love! We had a welcome reception too! Ill show you our stateroom and some goodies and a note I found in my room. Stampin Up! spoils us on these trips. We had a hospitality suite we could go to daily, spin for a prize and get candies and snacks daily.

I love catching up with my friends from all over the globe! It was great to see Pip again – she is from the UK. I also got to say hello again to Sam (poodles) from the UK! I hung out with Kim and her family all week. They are the best! It was so much fun!

Day 1 – the Ryvarden Lighthouse Walk (this should have been called a strenuous hike – yikes!) But, the scenery was very pretty! It was very windy and chilly.. I was sweating and freezing at the same time! LOL I have discovered that I like jam and sour cream on my pancakes and waffles! Its really good

Our 2nd stop was a day we did not get off the boat. We had a rib boat excursion planned – which was terrifying me to even think about. It was so windy that they had an issue with the gangway bridge – and decided to not tender either.. way too windy. So, it was a blessing in disguise LOL. But, the scenery was amazing! We woke up to these majestic fjords! THIS is what I expected Norway to be !

Olden Norway!

We did have the option to swap with others – Stampin Up! did all the work for us and we picked up our swaps toward the end of the week. I received so many beautiful creations!

Our last stop was Lysefjord / Stavanger Norway! It was such a cool port – easily accessible and a Starbucks too! Was a cute port village.

There were so many pictures it was hard to narrow it down to the few I have, here! It was awesome to see another part of the world. I came home completely exhausted and it has taken me all week to get adjusted to the eastern time zone. Im grateful for the journey and I’m happy to be home. I hope you enjoyed a little travel time along with me. Now, lets go make something pretty and get inky! *hugs*


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