Smile! Say Cheese!!!

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope you have had as good of a week as I have had. It has been SO busy! It started friday night and I just got home a little bit ago. What did I do? I took an amazing photography class by Todd & Brad Reed. Here is their website: AMAZING photography! They were so helpful and fun and friendly. We had a great class of about 12 people. Everyone’s work was unique and just darn right cool! I want to get more creative with my photography.. and this was a great start. I learned a lot about manual settings.. about light and composition and the artistic side of pictures.. after all, photography is ART too! Its an expression of yourself.. your emotions and what moves you – it’s why you took the time to take that photgraph. So, here is a sample of a few pictures I took during class time at the Ludington State Park. Also visit my FLICKR website – check it out.. lots of cool pics!!! I’m kinda proud of myself.. I am not so imtimidated to play with those manual settings anymore. We were shooting at 7am and then went back to the park at 7pm and stayed until 930pm.. well after dark and its amazing what light your camera will see, that your eye will not!


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