The Smell Of Autumn Is In The Air…

Reflections in the water.

Mother Natures new carpet.

The channel at the opening of the State Park


And the clouds tell the story too. Fall is here.. the trees are changing colors and cool crisp breeze is here. The smell of those blanket of leaves on the ground is something that reminds me of my childhood. I think this time of year is so pretty. I just dread what comes after fall……… winter! I’m not a winter lover. I don’t care of the snow. I hate to be cold. I’m soaking all this in good.. before the pretty palette changes to white  and “snirt” snow stuff.

This is my new ride.. I finally have it home. Yay! (it was in the shop 5 days after I got it but it is running nice now.. thank goodness!)

Da Jeep!

Just had to get another picture.

And here.. is fall in northwest Michigan!

a small pumpkin patch

Overgrown asparagus.. love how it turns color

Just outside of a cemetery.

A cute country yard

One big Elk!

The track to nowhere

The Ludington Lighthouse

River in the State Park


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