A Sign Of Spring!

I need to get my butt cheeks into my stamping studio.. but lately, with the few days of good weather, I’ve made good use of it.. getting the yard groomed for the season. Lots to do.. ! I thought Id share a few pictures with you. I am getting the pool ready to go, and I thought this was so cute. While filling the pool, my cocker spaniels, Ruby and Krystal found the water quite fascinating. I didn’t capture on camera, but my younger one, Krystal, accidentally fell into the pool. It was a quick splash and being the “mom’ I am reached in and grabbed her quickly. I think it scared me more than her. 🙂 She is OK.. after wrapping her in a towel and cuddling with her she was right back to her ole mischief self. Enjoy your day.. I have stamp club tonight and I’m so looking forward to it!
 Ruby was quite fascinated with her reflection in the water.
 Krystal was watching the water fill the pool.

Apparently Ruby’s water bowl isn’t good enough. This water just is way too tempting as she grabs a drink. Have a great day!


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  1. Ok, it has been way to long since I stopped by to visit! You have been really busy creating some great projects but this post stopped me in my tracks! Your fur-babies are SO stinkin’ cute. i would have had the same reaction if one of my pups fell in the pool. Yikes! I’m glad she is ok! 🙂


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