Sharing A Little Of Founders Circle With You – Stampin` Up!

HI and welcome! Happy Friday! I just realized that I have not shared much about Founders Circle with you. Oops! I am sorry! You know, I still pinch myself that I seen my name on that big screen on Awards Night at Convention in July. I honestly, was a hot mess. I cried.. not just any cry, but the UGLY cry. Oh yes.. and it was bad. Hehe. That cry was out of almost 5  years of being very consistent, very dedicated, and wanting more for my team than myself. I truly love to inspire others, to see them grow, to watch them branch out and do things they never thought they could do.

I have a new saying.. and that is.. “believe in yourself, and know YOU can do great things”. I believe this. Trust me, I am not going to tell you it was easy.. but it was a labor of love. I have slowly worked on a lot in my business. The rest, I say, was “luck” but no, it was not luck. It was believing and setting goals for myself.. or as I have called them.. “My Stampin` Up! Bucket List”. Yep.. I have had this bucket list for a while.

Walking across stage was so exciting to know.. that I was chosen to be a part of such a wonderful group of demonstrators.. to be a part of this group has been an honor and the experience of Founder’s Circle is something I will never forget!


So, this will sound cheesy, BUT, Ive always been in awe of seeing “those demonstrators” walk across stage. I know it took a lot of dedication to be up on that stage and they have been such an HUGE inspiration to me.. for years! This is Darla Roberts and I walking across stage together. We both were very excited to know we made Founders Circle. I think she held me up – like I said.. I was a hot mess in a good way!

It is always good to have friends who surround you and cheer you on! I have had some really good friends who have believed in me, and knew I could do things that I was not sure were possible for me to achieve. This past year at our last Leadership, I really got to know some very good people who I call some very good friends.. very supportive and I am so blessed to have in my life. You know who you are.. *hugs*.


This is Jeanne Moss and I – she has inspired me in so many ways. She and I walked across stage for earning the incentive trip! She is amazing!

Here is one of my biggest cheerleaders! Her name is Kim Vogel. I call her a rock star, because she is! She has done some amazing things and she and I had a phone call back in May that meant more to me than I can seem to express. She really inspires me and I am glad to call her a very good friend! Thank you Kim, for encouraging me! Words can be so powerful!


So, as you can see, this has been a VERY big deal for me. My goal was to someday earn a trip with Stampin` Up! .. just someday.. anywhere.. and to think, I almost stopped when I earned the Getaway – silly me! I pushed myself a little more, I believed I could.. and I did something kinda pretty amazing!

So, now to share just a few pics of Founder’s Circle with you! My best parts of this journey to St. George was being around all these wonderful demonstrators, sharing business tips, and just getting to know them personally. I have learned so much while at this amazing retreat. Thank YOU Stampin` Up! for such an amazing experience! They did not miss a beat with details.. everything was just perfect!


And the journey began… flying out of Grand Rapids to St George Utah!


The first thing  we seen was this big banner welcoming us to the Marriott and the event!


My buds, Kim and Angie!


We went to Kanab Utah to see where the manufacturing plant. This was awesome! When the buses pulled up, the employees cheered and clapped and welcomed us. They cooked lunch for us! We had a guided tour – it was a lot of fun to see how our stamps are made. A lot is done by hand!


I wanted to show you this photo because this machine takes the scraps of rubber from our red rubber stamps and chops them up into small pieces that are used at the Kanab Park – it keeps the kiddos safe in case they fall off of the playground equipment. It is really skooshy to talk on!


The employees waiting for us to arrive and greet us, giving us high 5s! They are so grateful for us.. and we are grateful for them!

12003891_10153146714391914_8127965115751670507_nI was able to try my hand at trimming the clear mount red rubber stamps.

11223747_10153146720796914_52045431979412520_nThis was taken at the entrance of the Kanab Plant. Its the picture I’ve dreamed of someday getting!

12036415_10153146826381914_334321834918503700_nI’m playing in those red rubber scraps at the Kanab Park.

12036545_1196193760410643_1104997720165478250_nFood.. endless food.. snacks galore. Stampin` Up! had special snacks for us each day.. and Oh, we were able to toss for a prize daily too! How fun is that?!

12049569_1065063800171813_9150483263469946123_nThis is a very special photo. On Wednesday night, we had a 1st Timers gathering. 14 of us were first times at our first and last Founder’s Circle. They are amazing women!

12032190_1196188077077878_2548826434866317128_nOn Thursday, I went with 13 other ladies to Zion National Park. This was a lot of fun! Even the squeeky door on the bus was amusing!

5This photo was taken just after swapping on Thursday Night – 110 swaps done in less than 30 minutes. Loved it! I have some wonderful card samples to show my team and customers.. they are all beautiful!

6a00e551e5147e883401b7c7d2d68b970b-450wiThis is just a small portion of the line of swapping that went on. I’ve never seen so many beautiful cards in a swap before!

12006360_10153147367596914_4572543899770996988_nFriday night we went to see a wonderful show at Tuachan Amphitheater – the show was super awesome!

And then, there was bright and early Saturday Morning! Ok, I almost was too scared to do this and wanted to back out after I got up. But, I am so glad I didn’t! This was amazing! What a fun experience! 8 of us went on a guided tour riding ATV’s! My first time on an ATV (it is a little different from a Harley), and my first time dealing w/ my fear of heights! It was a beautiful day full of adventure! Our tour guides were pretty darn fab, too!







12049567_10153148745756914_5574576333405079895_nWill I do this again? Hmm.. not sure! Was I glad I did it.. Yes!

Saturday Night – words cannot describe it. We went to a garden party by bus. After the party, we went to see the play, West Side Story. Ill just share a cluster of photos.. it was so much fun, but sad at the same time.. it was the last night of Founder’s Circle… forever.














And.. I must share just a few of the amazing people I was able to hang with, talk to, new friends I’ve gotten to meet, and those who I was able to see once again…





Kimberly, you are the “bomb diggity” and I love you! Just sayin`!















I look through all my photos.. and wish I could share more, but I don’t want to bore you! Just know that I feel very lucky and blessed and humbled to have had this once in a lifetime experience, and I still get emotional as I think about all of this “stuff”. It just means so much to me. Thank YOU for being a part of my journey..I cannot wait to see where the road leads next … and it all started with one stamp.. a long time ago, and slowly blossomed into some amazing friendships!

Make something pretty and get inky!! *hugs*




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