Send Good Vibes To Jasmine…

Hi everyone. I dont have anything crafty to blog at the moment, but I do however have a huge favor to ask of you all. This is Jasmine. She is my baby (one of 2). She is 10 and her 11th birthday is approaching on the 19th. I hope to celebrate her birthday. Jasmine has Cushings Disease. The vet has said that if she doesn’t have her adrenal gland removed I may loose her by Christmas. I feel I will do anything possible for my babies. They deserve it. Jasmine is truly an angel. She is so passive and has put up with Ruby the little pistol. That in itself says what a trooper she is. Jasmine goes in for surgery tomorrow at 8am. The surgery will last about 1 hour. I hope to hear great results. I ask you please keep positive thoughts, vibes, prayers, chants.. anything at all.. in hope of Jasmine’s speedy recovery. I know it is a risky surgery but she is a trooper and I am trying to think positively. Don’t think I’m not worried… if I told you I wasn’t, I’d be lying. She is more than “just a dog pet”.. she is my family and I love her dearly. I’m stressing.. and just hope all goes well.


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  1. Praying that by tomorrow afternoon she’s up and acting like nothing ever happened!! Having just gone through that last week, I can totally appreciate how stressful it is until you get that call that says she’s awake and everything went well.


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