REPLAY FB Live – Going through the 22-23 Annual Catalog & the January – April Mini Catalog along with the Last Chance Lists!

The “Last Chance” retiring lists can be daunting. There is a lot of items retiring. But, I wanted to make it easier for you. I decided to go live on Facebook through both catalogs so you can mark your catalogs of everything retiring. I am a very visual gal so this helps me out a lot. I dont want you to miss out on items that are leaving. So, get ready to watch the replay from today. Grab a beverage of choice, maybe a snack, get comfy. Have a highlighter or sharpie handy and lets do this!

Please note: The discounted pricing goes into effect April 4 2023!


The biggest shock – the Stamparatus is retiring! Ack! Grab it now if you want it! Its item #146276 $49.00 – if you already have this stamp placement tool, you may want to stock up on extra magnets Item #148213 $12.00 or the grid paper item #149621 $6.50 or the additional deluxe foam mat item #150866 $6.00.

Now, join me and lets mark up that book so you can see what IS retiring:

Im pretty impressed. We went through both catalogs in just over an hour! I hope this helps as you navigate through your catalogs and see what you may want to purchase before items retire.

Now, lets go make something pretty and get inky!


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