Recoopering From A Crafty Weekend Full Of Fun & Lack Of Sleep With Lots Of Laughs!

Hi there and good Monday to you! Did you have a good weekend? I had a very fun filled weekend with 10 other very crafty ladies.. we scrapbooked and stamped Thursday – Sunday. I got home mid afternoon yesterday and I have to say.. I am exhausted.  We crafted til wee hours of the morning. I am so happy with all I got done this weekend! I’m still smiling with great memories that I will cherish with these wonderful ladies. Ada, thank you so much for holding such a fun event. Ada holds these events twice a year. It is a big job, a lot of pre planning and it shows. She is a great lady and what a fun group to join for the weekend. I’m so happy she had a spot for me to hang her and the gals!

I was in West Olive Michigan, which is along the lake shore of West Michigan.. between Muskegon and Holland. It is called Into The Woods, and for a good reason.. it REALLY is into the woods.. over the mountain and thru the hills to crafting paradise we go… ~~~

I just wanted to share some pictures from the event. We did something fun each night at Midnight. Nothing too crazy or drastic.. but fun and randon.. like.. making “leaf” angels.. trust me.. it was fun and we giggled for quite a while after that too!

This was our scenery.. who cannot be inspired when you see this out your windows each day.. and the leaves on the trees are starting to change.. I love!


Into The Woods


I loved taking a walk outside. The weather was mild. It was perfect!

Into The Woods

My inky work space!

Inky Workspace

This wonderful group of ladies had me laughing a lot!

The ladies!

Yes, I was making a snow.. er… leaf angel! You need to try this.. it is very therapeutic!

Making a leaf angel - yes, silly but fun!

It was National Cardmaking Day – cards in hand!

Wold Card Making Day!


The ladies surprised me with singing Happy Birthday and had this lovely cake for me! You all rock. Yes, my birthday was also on National Card Making Day! Pretty cool, eh?


A Surprise Birthday Cake!


The beautiful cards that I received from the ladies while there.. birthday cards that I will treasure a LONG time!


A Wold Cardmaking Day Photo


I dont want to give it all away but this is what you will be seeing on my blog in the near future. I did get lots accomplished during the weekend.. awesome sauce!


Some Of The Cards I made


Sunday came.. I got home around 1pm.. and when I opened the door, I was welcomed home to this.. how cool!

Returning Home


My favorite cake since childhood.. cherry chip with cherry frosting (and yes it IS pink!) – YUM!


Cherry Chip Cake With Cherry Frosting


Ruby decided to help open presents – messy paper crafter she is!


 Ruby helping open gifts!


Krystal didn’t want to be left out of the action either.. so she took part as well!

Krystal helping open gifts!


So, as you can see, I had a wonderful weekend full of fun, laughs, talented ladies.. cake and ice cream.. and I got the new iPhone – I am such a gadget geek! So, now it is back to work.. and laundry. *looks for the laundry fairy*.. Hmm.. I guess I didn’t get a laundry fairy for my Birthday! 🙂 Make it a great day everyone! *hugs*


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