Some More Cards!

Yes! Its true.. I have as many cards as hallmark now! LOL.. Lu and I are stampin like crazy lately and one thing is for sure.. I wont need cards for a while. I’m trying to get back into the scrap booking groove but its hard.. I haven’t been scrap booking in forever but I …

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Wine a bit.. you’ll feel better!

I got a package in the mail. Linda, thank you.. how cute!!! As promised I will keep her by my computer here.. she is adorable.. !!! Linda and I chat on undernet of IRC together.. those of you who do with us will know her as JoJo. She is a sweetie. She told me she …

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February Already?!

One month has flown by so fast already. Amazing, isnt it? Yikes! I took a mad dash down to the lake (Lake Michigan, that is) and tried to catch the sunset. Unfortunately, I was too slow.. but I thought Id share what I captured tonight.. brrrr eh?


Hi Everyone! How are ya? For those who know me.. know I love gadgets. I probably get this from my dad.. although he is on the extreme of this. My “extreme” is my scrapbooking, but I love technology even as much as I get flustered with it.. I love it. So, just for kicks and …

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One thing about me.. I’m a neat nick One thing I try to be is very organized.. ok wait, I’m obsessively organized.. except for the ribbon bin which was constantly over flowing in my studio. When Lu and I went to Muskegon a week ago.. I bought a new container for my ribbon. I finally …

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A few brown boxes…(I’m smiling!)

I’m jumping for joy.. yippee!! Ludington Stamp Club goodies arrived today. My UPS man didn’t let me down! This is when the joy of opening a brown box, and fondling all the goodies and sorting and and and.. oh my!! Need I say more? LOL. So, yeah… I have an addiction to rubber.. whats it …

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Brrrr !!! If not found by spring.. please call 911! LOL

Holy cow.. its snowing.. and snowing.. and did I mention.. snowing? It has not let up since Christmas.. and Im sooooooooooooooo tired of the snow! Please, make it STOP! LOL.. Here are some pics of around my yard.. and also Lake Michigan which is 1 mile down the road from me.

More Holiday Fun & Friends….

Its fun especially this time of year to get with friends and have a few laughs. For me, girl time is like cheap therapy! I’ve been under a little bit of stress.. so the laughter is a good way to cure some of it. Today, i met up with Jody, Pat, June, Colette and Tammy …

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