OMG.. Too Funny!

Hi Everyone! I have something I have to share with you. I was getting ready a lil while ago and talking to my friend Robin on the phone. She was asking about how Ruby the new puppy was doing. I said.. she is doin great and today she had a vet appt and had to get her shots.. and she is an angel tonight, I think the shots wore her out (which is a good thing!). There are some nights I cant keep up with my puppy.. she is like having a 2 year old in the house! I have a photography class this weekend and tonight I need to go to a meet n greet thingy.. so I was touching up my makeup n such.. and when I turned around and out the bathroom to change, I walked back into the bathroom to this.. Ruby has a thing about my towels.. and now a new thing for toilet paper. The funny thing is.. she has to jump just right to get to the part of the roll that has a loose end. I thought I heard her lil bells jingling (yes I have put bells on her so I dont step on her and I can somewhat keep track of where she is.. she is so little).. she is obviously getting the jumping technique fine tuned.. I ran and got my camera in the process of this.. and even tho I cant stand my bathroom (and it is going to be the next thing I remodel in my house) I just have to share this with you.. and OH… Ruby knows home improvement too.. see where the wallpaper has been removed? Oh yeah.. you guessed it! Ruby!!! I’m still giggling!


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  1. I am LOL!!! The ears flying right along with the toilet paper!! Its a devil-angel!! When we have well mannered older dogs around us for so long …. we do forget the challenges of raising a puppy!! Enjoy every moment!!! Big hugs to you … and ruby …. oh, i just want to squeeze her!!


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