OMG.. She Is Alive!!!

Ok.. so it has taken me forever to post anything! Well, life got pretty hectic for me. I had a flood in my basement in June.. Friday the 13th of all times. Ugh! My art studio has been in the basement for a while now. The water did a lot of damage. Id say about 6 inches of wonderful clear water. Its been a finished basement for a while. Of course, being this happened in June, the only thing I could do was try to dry things up and run the inn which is very seasonal. Along with some other things in my life.. all of that took a bigger priority than my basement. So, after Labor Day, the disctruction/construction began. It is something I’m glad I’ve gotten done (and you will see why with the pictures I’ll show you) but remind me to never want to build my own home. The drywall, the mudding, the sanding.. the carrying up and down the stairs of so much garbage and big sheets of drywall. There were a few days I wanted to just say… “forget it!” but.. the best things in life are worth the sweat n tears. My art studio is now 3 times the size it was before. Its not the yucky brown carpet and paneling it once was. Its green.. its very pear green and tequila lime green and it has a LOT of bright light! My fixutures are all IKEA (the cabinets n lights n such) along w/ repainting my wood cabinets and book shelf white to match.. (yes Im a VERY matching kinda gal). I should also post a few of “before” pictures. Its quite a change from before! So, a newly remodeled 1100 square feet later.. here is my NEW art studio!!!


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