A Nice Article In My Local Newspaper…

Hi Everyone! Last week, I was contacted by our local newspaper to do a feature story about my love of paper crafting. How could I say no? I thought I would share my excitement with you all. I wish I had a link to show you because you need to be an e-subscriber and I’m not one myself. But, I did what I could to take a few photos of the newspaper. Jeff Kiessel did an outstanding job. Not only was my feature story on 1/2 of the front page today, but also over 1/2 of the inside front page. All I can say, is thank you, so much! It was a pleasure and a lot of fun. I love what I do and I share what I love..

I just had to share in my “fame” for a day. I hope you all take some time this weekend to get a little Inky!

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