A New Week, Already?

Hi Everyone! Wow.. I cant believe how fast time is flying lately. I have a list of “need to get done’s” and nothing seems to be getting done.. quickly. I am remodeling my kitchen, so this is sort of taking my creative time away from me. There have been some minor obstacles as I will call them and it has been a little frustrating. I’m sure you can relate. A day here.. a day there that things come to a halt and before you know it, the goal I had for things to be done, is far from being met. This is the reason for my lack of creative posts. I’m sorry I haven’t kept up to my promise. Life is getting in the way lately. I hope to be back to creating pretty things here soon. Trust me, I need the “ink therapy” soon! In the meantime, have fun and enjoy the beautiful fall days! Inky Hugs!


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