My Journey To AZ

Now that I am home.. and a bit rested up (well sort of), and I have my pictures handy, I thought Id share a few pics with you all. It was a fun adventure to Tucson and Phoenix. I wasnt far from a tragedy which was heartbreaking. I had an extreme amount of fun seeing relatives I have not seen in ages… and of course I shopped! I should be Suzi Weinberg’s sister.. with the words.. “do you ship?” LOL.. Ok I’m kidding.. I shopped and I did ship.. but I behaved.. sorta! LOL. So, the first part of my adventure was to meet up with my auntie who lives in Tucson. I met up with my parents in Phoenix.. we rented a car and traveled that night into Tucson and checked into this cute little place.. here is where “home” was for a week:

 It was cute.. and it was cozy and we even had a fireplace. I had my own private bedroom and full bath. Sweet!! We got to see my Aunt Pat. Here is a picture of my aunt, my mom, myself and holding a pic of my grandmother.. see a resemblance?
We got to see where my aunt works. She manages an Antique Mall.. how cool is that?? So, I did a little shopping and my aunt and uncle gave me 2 antique cameras which Im still waiting on arriving (should be here Wednesday) to put my birds i’ve made.. on each.. yay! Thank you Aunt Pat and Uncle Fred! While we were in our casita.. we had a few visitors.. these are called Javalinas (pronounced have a leena). I called them piggies LOL.. wild piggies..and they are not real friendly, they just want food!

We were being tourists and we visited the Church Of The White Dove.. very cool place. It was beautiful inside and before we did go to see what it was all about we had fry cakes. It is a lot like an elephant ear and you can dress it up any way you like… either taco like.. or with all the sweet stuff on top. They were very good! Here are some pics:

This was a cemetary just outside the church. I found this eye appealing even tho it is a cemetary. Look at the beautiful colors. It is on an indian reservation.. not sure if this is some sort of tradition but it certainly caught my eye.

We also were able to see Kitt Peek .. the observatory of the stars n stuff. It was fun, altho I have to admit, I was hoping I was going to look thru a telescope and see the stars and moon and milky way. Bummer! The tour was educational and the scenery was fantastic!

We had more time on our hands that day so we decided to see the Botanical Gardens and the butterfly exhibit. It wasnt exactly what I thought it would be but it was interesting.  Ill share more pics of my adventure tomorrow. Apparently Google has told me I’m out of space for my pictures.. the noive !! 🙂 Ive taken care of that issue but it may take 24 hours before I get my “extra space” thru picasa and my blog. Pout.. good night and see you tomorrow for Chapter 2 of my journey to AZ!


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