My Digital Studio Downloads for This Week! A Few Leadership Photos!

Hi Everyone! Oh my goodness.. I almost forgot to post these *gasp*. I have been zooming all over town today, getting caught up after 5 days in Florida. I won’t compalin.. I enjoyed Leadership so much! Id like to share some photos with you on that.. but first.. here are the digital downloads:

Nobody’s Business Photobook Template Item #132812  $19.95

Shaped Clips  Item # 132273 $1.95
Clockworks Stamp Brush Set Item # 133010 $3.95

Singles Awareness Day Valentine Greeting Card Templates Item # 133027 $2.95

Label This Kitchen Deisgner Template Item # 133022 $7.95

Now, just for fun, some photos from Leadership!

Jenny and I taking a picture at the entrance of Leadership. We were laughing as we tried to take a self portrait.. she is tall.. I’m short..trying to fit us both and the sign into the photo.

Shelli on stage. I loved this sweater she had on.. too darn cute!

Sarah is just darn adorable – love that top! She did a great job with her presentations!

My good friend, Glad and myself.. I’ve known Glad a LONG time.. its always great to see her at the events!

This is Gayle and I.. I met Gayle on the airplane coming home from Convention last summer. We have kept in touch since. She is very sweet!

A cute photo of Jenny and I – this makes me smile. I had a great time at Leadership and Jenny was a lot of fun to hang with.. she has been there for me for my first Convention, my first Regional and now, my first Leadership. She is not only a super upline but a very dear friend who I’m blessed to know!

Jenny got a photo of me on stage – I was being recognized for my title promotion to Senior Supervisor this past year.

Jenny displaying her new Paper Pumpkin Kit! This was so cool of Stampin` Up! to give each demonstrator 2 kits.. we were SO excited! (I still am!)

And yes…. me with my Paper Pumpkin Kit! Woohoo!!

Winning Prize Patrol (hehe.. thank YOU Jenny!)

Jenny on stage for her title promotion to Senior Manager! You go, girl!

One of Shelli’s creations on stage!

Another pretty Shelli creation! Love this!

That is the same banner.. close up.

This n that… (for the next few photos..)

Checking in for Leadership.. a little out of order but you get the idea.. around 1,500 demonstrators all in one place.. love it!

And.. just a few more for some creative inspirtation…

Ok.. that is enough photos for one post.. LOL! I just really enjoyed my time at Leadership. I came back with my head spinning with ideas. Stampin` Up! is awesome and they really value us as demonstrators.. they truly care – and showed that time and time again, throughout the event. It is fun to be a part of something so wonderful!


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