More Organizing – Stampin Up Paper

We have the neutrals, the naturals.. the in color, the 4 “color groups” of bold brights, earth elements, rich regals and soft subtles. After a while it gets overwhelming when things are not organized. I used to have all my SU paper organized. Then, I had a flood in my basement. The plastic accordion folders got water in them and destroyed a lot of my collection of SU paper. Not good and yeah, kinda pricey. Id buy a pack of each color..back then. Slowly I’m replacing what I have when I can. I had all of my paper in packaging though and after a while it was getting frustrating trying to find what i needed. Lu and I took a quick trip to Staples and I got this box (that matches my lime green basement) for $10. I bought the hanging folders for $11 a box of 20. Today we sorted out our papers and filed them. I’m very anal and I even went to the extent of displaying each color in each folder of each “category”. It took a little extra time but now that it is done, I’m very happy. I will now be able to find it at a glance and that means more time spent stamping and less time spent hunting down what I need! So, check out your local Staples if you need a new way to organize a lot of paper. :) Happy Stampin`!


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