Moooooooooooooving Right Along! More To Do!

Hi Everyone! Well I survived Memorial Weekend.. the weather was BEAUTIFUL for Michigan this time of year. Really.. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. I didn’t have a full house at the Inn, BUT all in all it was a decent weekend and numbers were showing this May was up from last year. THIS is a good thing! I can’t complain about that. So, today, I did a lot of running for the Inn. It was a full day. Starbucks, (I found THE insulated cup that were on sale on ebay for $40 — ill have to show ya’s!!), Menard’s, Sam’s Club, Costco.. and oops.. somehow ended up at the mall (how did that happen??). I did buy an outfit.. for my 25th (eeep!) Class Reunion. Stopped at this HUGE greenhouse in Allendale (home of GVSU  – Go Lakers – The University I attened eons ago and graduated from!) and then had a quick dinner and home. Covered a LOT of territory.. was a VERY productive day. Here are some pics. Now, keep in mind, i was getting strange looks at the greenhouse. I love spring.. I love the flowers.. the colors.. the smells. I bought flowers.. herbs.. a few bushes and a tree.. tomorrow, guess what I’ll be doing? You guessed it.. playing “jane  gardener”. Have a great day!! Happy June!


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