Meet Pearl, my new assistant!

A puppy really was not in the plans right now but.. because Im a softie and cannot resist.. we drove to Wisconsin and found this little girl and I fell in love!

Meet pearl.. she is now 9 weeks old – she has been adapting to the house and we are trying desperately to potty train this little one. She is smart as a whip and I think she is starting to catch on a bit. She loves paper and watching me stamp!

The big dog, our 12 yr old cocker spaniel, Krystal is tolerating this craziness.. sometimes!

She is tearing apart the dog bed.. grr..

And, of course hard at work in the studio!

Isn’t she paw-fect? Can’t resist puppy kisses.

Have a great day..make something pretty and get inky! *hugs*


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