March: Snirt N Sunshine

So Hi!!! Isn’t it hard to believe it is March already? Seems I was just watching the ball drop on tv. Yikes! It is slowly getting warmer here in Michigan. I hear of all my friends going away to Florida tho and I am jealous.. but hey.. If I could, I would in a heartbeat too. It is the time of year where its just “yucky”. I call it “snirt” Its that lovely combination of snow and dirt.. those piles of snow that just seem to not want to melt and go away. I took a little drive today to get some fresh air. I have been sick and out of it for almost 2 weeks. It was so nice to feel the sun shining thru the car windows and have to wear sunglasses. Winter in Michigan seems to linger forever. Today it was just a great sunshiney day.. so after I got my nails done, I took a lil drive down to the lake. Ya know.. it is looking slowly like spring.. I see the lake without ice and snirt melting with those blue skies.. here is my lil ride thru town. 🙂


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  1. Snirt!! thats funny! Ya think winter lingers so long because you’re craving spring so bad after being buried for so long!!?? haharhar …. you can come visit me!! We have an all day event tomorrow with Carol Wingert …


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