Last Chance Retiring Products List 2021-2022 Annual Catalo & An Ordering Special!!

I can’t believe it is that time of year! Its like Christmas approaching. Out with the old and in with the new! Starting today, we have a “last chance list” of all the things retiring from our 21-22 annual catalog!

Here is the PDF File of the Last Chance List (Retiring Products)

I will have an ordering special starting today – March 31 2022. If you order $50 or more, i will send you 4 handmade cards and a FREE embellishment! Order with me here using this list which includes the host code. You must use this link to receive the ordering special!

Ordering Special Today – March 31 2022!!
Order a min. $50 (before s/tax) with me (online with the link below) or calling me 231 690 0900, and I will send you 4 handmade cards and a FREE embellishment in celebration of the Last Chance List!
HOST CODDE: AJ3ECCG6**The host code must be used to be a part of this special**Enter it before checking out with your shopping cart.

With that being said, join me tonight for a facebook live at 7pm ET HERE, and bring your catalog and a highlighter / marker to visually see each item that will be retiring!

You may want to also grab a beverage and snack – this is not going to be my typical Facebook Live. I want to help give you visuals on everything as the list can be very overwhelming, long and dry! LOL

Make sure to print this list and have it handy to follow along as well! It will be a good reference too!

Also a reminder to grab anything with the 2020-22 in colors that you’d like, as they are going to go quick! Here are the colors which are retiring:

The best way for you to shop is to use my online store – you will know instantly what is and is not available at the moment – because this will change rapidly. Or, please give me a call and I would be happy to put an order in for you over the phone. Again, we will be able to see if its available or not instantly. Please use this HOST CODE to be a part of my ordering special starting today – March 31st 2022!!!


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