Just wanting to share more from my journey.. my “Pink Chalet” vlog.

HI everyone! I have not touched base in a while so I thought Id give you another “vlog” post.  This beautiful drawing was made from a VERY good friend of mine who is uber talented.. she made my “pink chalet” real… thank you so much Christi Wroe! Isn’t it awesome?!

The reason I am sharing all of this, is in hopes to help someone else who may be experiencing what I have along the way. I make no claims as being a doctor.. just sharing my experience with being diagnosed with Breast Cancer on May 31st 2018.



Thank you for being beside me – I have a bit to experience yet.. but slowly, everything will be okay.

I want to thank so many of my friends and family for being here for me. You have NO idea how much that means. I have received so many cards, and beautiful handmade gifts.. I even have have a special group on Facebook, with friends and family being my biggest cheerleaders!  I’m just speechless. A little thank you with a BIG meaning.


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