Just some odds and ends..

Today started out with a lot of fun. I went to a downline meeting.. and it was fun to meet some new friends. We made some cool cards (ill give you maybe a sneak peek at some new things from the new Occasions Mini Catalog and we had the most delicious soup from the Open Hearth in Mears. I have had some PC issues today..and talked to someone in Tim Buck Too.. seriously! Where do they hire the techie guys from HP anyway?? Egads! Anway.. I think getting a new printer has been more fuss than I wanted it to be. It renamed my other drivers and well.. it just made a mess of it all. My card reader in my tower wasnt working which bummed me out.. i wanted to blog and add pics.. so.. finally, that is sort of fixed. I can get pics off of my sd card so its not all so bad.. for now! Altho, i have a new printer that doesnt work *grumble*.

So anyway.. lets tease you first *wink* .. Here is a sneak peek at what will be new stuff for StampinUp in January.. woohoo! As much as I love Christmas.. I’m so ready for a change..

 Ok.. now this card rocks my socks.. this is a Jenny Peterson design and it is a leftover card from stamp club.. isnt this darn adorable?? I love this card!!! Jenny, you so totally rock!

Also, today in the mail, I got this big box …. my friend Lisa who lives in Vermont sent me the most awesome scrapbook.. I have known Lisa a little over a year. I DJ on line at Absolutely Radio Bug. I DJ on Monday nights 7pm EST for 2 hours.. and she has faithfully listened to me every Monday night. It is cool that I realize just who i can touch with life over the internet.. Lisa.. thank you so much.. (she even sent me maple candies.. a Vermont must have). She made me a friendship box too! I just have to share this.. Ooooh and she sent Ruby a toy which she loves!! Thank you Lisa.. you rock!

Ok.. that sums up the day. Good Night!


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