I’ve been slacking!

Hi out there. My blogging has been slacking big time. Hi Sharon!! You asked for it, you got it. Here are more pictures. Ruby and Jasmine went to the doggie spa today. This was Ruby’s first experience with the groomer, Laura. BTW, yes, that is Laura. I’ve been in a creative slump until this week. I have a Club Scrap Retreat Ill be attending next week (yes I have a swap thingy to work on and Ive yet to do that yet).. tomorrow I have a Stampin Up party (yeehaw!) with Jenny, who is a GREAT consultant. Also.. this weekend I have signed up to take a photography class with Todd and Brad Reed, local photographers in town here.. and cant wait to learn more. I want to take more creative pictures. Ill post more soon, I promise! Have a good Thursday, ya’ll.


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  1. OMG!!! That face is precious!! Nothing cuter than a cocker puppy, those big ears and eye!! .. well, maybe a westie puppy, but … there isn’t one of those around right now ….. Ruby IS a doll!! and i’ll bet she’s as spoiled as they come, even at her very young age!!


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