~~~… It’s the MOST wonderful timeeeeeeeee.. of the yearrrrrrrrrrrr…..~~~~

When you are at Holiday Hideaway.. and hear that tune.. you perk up and the ellves from each table run.. get those brown paper packages tied up with string.. and you know.. those are a few of your favorite things. All I can say is.. wow! The generosity of everything we got as gifts at the HH were amazing.. thank you so all the sponsors who pitched in and especially great big thank you to Alain, co owner of Ranger Ink who packaged up the new Distress Inks so we could sample them.. and they do rock.. I cant wait to get my hands on a set! Also.. a very special thank you to Sizzix.. as we each got an electric die cut machine.. amazing!! Truely amazing! I’m just still in shock.. pinch me! So, day 2’s projects were shipped home from Prescott.. and its saying I wont get them til Monday.. so I cant really show ya my grunge book (actually I sorta accidentally messed it up.. so you get the idea.. no pics of it.. its kinda yucky LOL).. but the other project we did was a dimentional canvas Christmas themed. It is very cool. 🙂 Ill also show some other misc pics from the great time at HH! Thank you so much Tim, Mario, Michele, Kim, Keychain…. and the list goes on.. what a wonderful time!


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