It’s Fall in Michigan Again…

It is that time again, when the temps drop, the leaves change color, Lake Michigan gets tempermental, and that smell of the clean crisp air surrounds us here in Michigan. You see pumpkin and apple orchards..hayrides and hot apple cider with a freshly fried donut.. oh yeah.. its fall here at home. I was in Grand Rapids today.. and I have even more to share in yet one more post.. but I wanted to keep them seperated.. so you get several posts today. David, Lucinda and myself took a drive to Grand Rapids to go to the Bead Show at the DeVos Place (and yes I spent too much money, which is easy to do) and went for Sushi (broke Lu into the whole “sushi experience” and she loved it.. yay.. another sushi conissouier), we also go to see a tiny taste of “art prize” which ill explain more of in a few minutes (next post) and ended the day’s adventure with a stop to Robinette’s in Grand Rapids – indulging in fresh made donuts and hot apple cider. The line was LONG and it was chilly, but OMG it was SO worth it. This is what fall is all about..


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