Is it Hurricane Earl Or Just Windy?

Yikes.. is it WINDY. Gale force winds have stopped the Lake Michigan Carferry from doing their daily run to Manitowoc Wisconsin today ( It’s quite a day for pictures and many were doing just that. Getting sandblasted was worth capturing this though. It is September 3 and this looks like late fall skies. It is in the low 60s today and you can feel a reminder in the air that fall is on its way.

In the following pictures.. check out the toursts on the breakwall. They are brave and must not mind getting wet. Where I was standing I felt the mist around me. What we will do for a few cool pictures. This is my hometown.. this is Ludington!


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  1. Those are some great pictures Dawn…I loved the sailboat sitting on the water, makes me want to get ours out and sail her….but ALAS…………no water here deep enough for her to sail in…..


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