Important News On Shipping Increase starting in April 2022.

I am going to paste the email we as demonstrators received. I knew this would be coming so I am not surprised and honestly, they have not had a price increase in over a decade – its been the same since I’ve been a demo and I have signup up with Stampin Up in November of 2010!

I know Stampin Up! strives to make the best decisions possible. I also understand as I do a lot of mailings myself.

Here is the email:

Stampin’ Up! has worked over the years to manage steadily increasing costs, which accelerated and expanded with the sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, and its subsequent ripple effect on the marketplace and supply chain. Over the last two years we’ve initiated several efforts across the business to lessen the impact of these unprecedented challenges. We continue working to adapt to the world’s “new normal” moving forward—and today we’re writing to share a necessary change we’re making in support of this effort.

Starting 1 April 2022, standard shipping and handling rates will permanently increase in all markets. As expedited shipping option rates are calculated in addition to standard shipping and handling pricing, these options will also see a cost increase (please see the Q&A section below for more information).

The new pricing structure will increase shipping charges as follows:

  • In the United States, standard shipping and handling charges will change from $6.95 USD or 10% (whichever is greater) to $7.95 USD or 11% (whichever is greater)—including territories and APO/FPO.
  • In Canada, standard shipping and handling charges will change from $9.95 CAD or 10% (whichever is greater) to $10.95 CAD or 11% (whichever is greater).

In other words, the increase is $1.00 or one percentage point, per order (dependent on the total).

Stampin’ Up! has not initiated a cost increase to shipping and handling charges for well over a decade, even with many years of the business’s shipping-related costs steadily increasing. Despite our best efforts to manage shipping and handling costs without increasing their associated fees for you and your customers, the acceleration of shipping and handling cost increases over the past two years has exceeded our ability to continue subsidizing without this increase. We recognize the potential impact this change brings to you and your customers, and we’ve worked through a multitude of considerations to land at a decision we believe is effective and responsible.

We collect less in shipping and handling fees from you and your customers than we pay to support these services. This change is about Stampin’ Up! not losing money at an unsustainable rate—not about making more money. This adjustment is consistent with the responsive shifts many companies have had to make in the continued global supply chain crisis.

We wouldn’t introduce this increase if we didn’t foresee its long-term need. Industry analysts expect significant supply chain and shipping challenges well into 2023—and even when the crisis normalizes, many marketplace dynamics will not return to pre-pandemic levels.

I wanted to share this so it is not a surprise to you. I honestly expected this months ago.

Thank you for you and supporting my stamping business! I appreciate you!

Now let’s make soemthing pretty and get inky!


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