I Need Your Help by September 30th!!

Hello my friends, family and my Stampin Sisters (my fellow Stampin Up! Demonstrators)…

Its hard for me to ask for help, but here it goes and I hope you can help.

Its not that I don’t think I can depend on others.. Its that I’ve always been a doer and I’ve just been very “self efficient” as my parents taught me so I hesitated to do this but here I go….

Many of you have asked me.. “how can I help you, Dawn”.. and Ive answered many of you by saying.. “just stick beside me.. ”  so I honestly didn’t even think of “reaching out”, thinking I can do this on my own. I’ve tried really hard.. but I just need a little bit of help yet.. my goal needing $6,900 of sales in Stampin Up! product by September 30th 2018 – that’s just 1 week from today!

I’m a giver, and I love helping others – this is outside of my comfort zone asking but now I’ve found a way to ask from others what you all can possibly help me with  – Earn the Greek Isles Incentive Trip! I know I have an awesome support system and you all have wanted to help in any way you can.

As many of you know, on May 24th I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (Breast Cancer). Between the 16 hour days of running our Inn through the most demanding  time of year, and the courage of me tackling this Cancer head on, and knowing I  would need to go through Radiation Treatment at Mercy Health Johnson Family Center in Muskegon, MI which is 60 miles each way, has been very time consuming and stressful. I’ve been keeping my Stampin Up! business going and holding classes, which was done successfully but I will admit it was not easy. But, I’m a fighter, and believed I needed to do this to help get through it and try to keep some normalcy.

So, I’m asking for your help…..

This past Wednesday was my LAST Radiation Treatment .. Yay!! I celebrated by traveling this past weekend to attend training for my Stampin Up! business. For those of my friends who may not understand exactly what it is I do.. I share my love of paper crafting. It gives me so much gratitude in sharing what I love with others. I teach classes and host events – and you know what the crazy part is? I love making pretty things.. BUT what I love even more is gathering with others and spending time together. Its VERY therapeutic and there is nothing better than when going through a rough time.. than to spend time with those friends you love and love to share with. The comradery is cheaper than “therapy”!!


Many of you, mainly my Stamping Sisters, know Ronda Wade. I had a wonderful conversation during breakfast with Ronda on Sunday. Ronda is my business training coach. I love her. She is amazing, and she has helped me change and grow my business in many ways. She and I had a heart to heart talk. As we sat together, I expressed how close I am to earning the Stampin Up! Incentive Trip to the Greek Isles. Our Stampin Up! year ends on September 30th 2018. This means, I have 7 days to try to earn this trip. I’m SO close.. yet, I was thinking I had no way at this point to make this accomplishment possible, but…

Ronda and I, September 22 2018

Ronda suggested I ask all my friends, including my “Stamping Sisters (fellow demonstrators), if you would be willing to help a fellow sister out..

So, I am going to reach out to each of you – friends, family, my team, customers, and my fellow Stamping Sisters – I have such an awesome support system! I am asking for any online order you can do with me. I promise I will send you a handmade card in the mail and surprise in the mail. 🙂  AND..


If you place an order with me by September 30th… I will send you a personal post card collage, 18 months from now, from my Greek Isle Adventures right after my trip – because the entire time I am there, I’ll be thinking of you and how you helped me achieve a goal that seemed unobtainable, given the circumstances.  


If youd like to place the order direct with me Id love to talk with and help you place it or please order it through my online store.


I just don’t feel I can say it enough, Ill be so grateful for any help you can give me in accomplishing this goal.


Click here for my online store. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to call me. I’d be happy to help!  Please use this HOST CODE with each order: TQTH2YSG

I have only until September 30th 2018 to try to achieve $6,900.00 in orders!! 


Wednesday September 19th was my last radiation treatment and a celebration was had with these amazing techs.


You have no idea how thankful I am for all of your help and support. You mean the world to me!


Love and Stampin Hugs,



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