I Have “This And That” To Share With You! Making Your Pintrest Boards Into PDF Files, Too! Read On!

Hello there paper crafting friends! Today the UPS man stopped by for a visit. I FINALLY received my This And That Bundle – and I am SOOO in LOVE! Wowee! I can’t wait to start!!! I hesitated to order it at first. I’m so over the moon about this concept of journaling. I am offering a class on this April 29th – if you are interested please RSVP, ASAP! Class size is limited and you need to order your bundle now, to have it in plenty of time for class, as you will need to bring this bundle with you class night! To get the nitty gritty on the Smashing Scrapbook Class, click here!

I wanted to show you all what this lovely book looks like! So, I made a video for you – I warn you.. I am so excited, I think I am talking 100 mph. Click on the link below to check this new line from Stampin` Up! .. out!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=zD5QNvuN68E width=1000 height=600 anchor=”Video Time! Click here to find out more about the This And That line by Stampin` Up! It’s Flippin AWESOME!!”]


Epic Day Bundle

This is the bundle! You get the journal, the designer series paper, the rotary stamp, washi tape and the awesome designer stickers!

Epic Day Designer Paper

The beauuuuuuuutiful desgner paper! Oh this rocks my socks! Its so shabby chic, vintage-y like (is that a word? it is NOW!)

Epic Day This And That Journal

I love the cover! It is a blank canvas for you to decorate as you wish. If you look closely there is a slight pattern in the chipboard of hexagons – so all the rage right now. Love it!

Epic Day Inside Journal

This is just a sample of the inside of this beautiful journal. A few pages have pockets and look at those adorable envelopes to keep those “special” little keepsakes in!

Remember This And That Rotary Stamp

I wanted to get a close up of this stamp so you can see all it offers.. so many cute sayings!

Epic Day Washi Tape

I’ve wished and wished for Stampin` Up! to carry washi tape.. and my wish has come true! I’m jumping with joy! Not only will this be fab inside my journal, but on cards, too!

Epic Day This And That Designer Stickers

This are absolutely adorable! I love the sayings, the shapes, the arrows. Again, not only will these be great in the journal, but also think of using them on cards! Fabulous!

Now, in the video, I explained that I wanted to use Pintrest as my inspiration for my first book.. mainly, quotes. I am a total Pintrest junkie. It is what I do when I cannot sleep. Are you on Pintrest? Let’s follow each other! Click here to view my boards!

So, back on track, Dawn! As I showed on the video, I made my Pintrest Boards into PDF Files – this is so cool! Once you have made the PDF files, you can then print them! How cool is that? I have printed off a few (yes, just a few!) and cut them out. I plan to stick them in my book. Here is how you do it:

  • Simply Open Your Pintrest Board

  • Click Your Browser To Print

  • When The Printing Box Comes Up, Change The Printer To Adobe PDF

  • Save Your PDF Document Wherever You Like On Your Computer, And Then Print Away!

  • There you go! Just remember, only use this for personal use!

I couldn’t get this to work quite as easily on my pc as I could on my macbook. Lately, I am finding my little apple machine is easier for me to work on. Who would have thought I’d be slowly converting to apple? Either way, this should work for you! I hope this helps get you going with some inspiration for YOUR This And That Journal!

Here are some other ideas to help spark some creative juices for your book:

“Don’t thnk it, just add it!” This of this as your “junk drawer” .. all those little trinkets that you do not want to throw away but were not sure what to do with.. tada! Your This And That Journal!

Memorabilia to add to your book:

  • Ticket Stubs
  • Napkins
  • Coasters
  • Matchbooks
  • Business cards
  • Maps
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Cards
  • Photos
  • Receipts
  • Certificates
  • Paint Swatches
  • Magazine Clippings
  • Class Schedules
  • Report Cards
  • Paycheck Stub
  • Typical “to do” list
  • Programs
  • Hospital Bands
  • Coins / Currency
  • Hand prints / foot prints (of children)
  • Invitations
  • Letters
  • E Mails
  • ID Cards
  • Postcards
  • Dried Flowers
  • Keys
  • Fabric Swatches
  • Locks Of Hair
  • Ribbons / Awards
  • Menus
  • Trip Itenerary
  • Scraps Of Wrapping Paper From A Special Occasion
  • Buttons From Favorite Outfits
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Typical Grocery List
  • Empty Seed Packets
  • Clothing Price Tags
  • Recipes
  • Instagram Photos or Other Photos On Your Computer
  • Pintrest pins!
  • So many possibilities.. anything that means something to YOU!


  • Instagram Photos
  • Pintrest
  • Favorite Quotes
  • Favorite City
  • 10 Things About YOU
  • Postcards from your city
  • 10 Facts About The City You Live In
  • Favorite Person
  • Photos From Somewhere You Used To Live
  • Favorite Recipe
  • The Year You Were Born
  • If You Had $$___ And Had To Spend It By Tomorrow,  What Would You Buy?
  • Favorite Hobby
  • 10 Things You Enjoyed During Your Vacation
  • Something Old
  • Magazine Article
  • Favorite Poem
  • Use The Letter Of Your Name To Spell Out Characteristics
  • Last Movie You Seen
  • 10 Reasons Why You Love Someone / Something / Someplace
  • 10 Favorite Songs
  • Yourself
  • Weather
  • Where You Work
  • Favorite Drink
  • Family
  • Favorite Season
  • Where You Like To Shop
  • What You Had For Breakfast
  • Favorite Place Outdoors
  • This Is What Makes Me Happy…
  • “Free Theme’ Use Stamps
  • Favorite Recipes
  • Your Hobby
  • What Do YOU love?
  • Snack Food
  • @ 3pm?
  • What I Wore Today
  • Something You Miss
  • Chores
  • In The Garden
  • “Free Theme” Use Washi Tape
  • Things You Google
  • Things You YouTube
  • Pets Or Favorite Animal
  • A Celebration
  • Something Pretty
  • Use Other Lists Of Things You Love

Just stick it in.. whatever it is, go with the moment!

There’s always room, just like the junk drawer!

The catch all for the stuff that makes YOU smile!

A note, a quote, a thought to jot!

A snipping, a clipping, the IDEA That’s caught.

A card, a regard, a tidbit, a smidgen.

A doodle of a poodle, or a feather from a pidgeon.

Its the smarterings of ordinary, extraordinary life.

For the moments and musings that stick.. in your special place.. the This And That Journal.

Can you tell that I am super duper excited about this new product? I hope you are too and I also hope that this gives you some creative inspiration to start your book, too! Let’s jot and stick together! If you’re local, I hope to see you April 29th @ the Inn! Take care.. have a great day, get inky and make something pretty!! *hugs*


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