Senior Pics

Hi!! Yesterday I had the pleasure of being asked to take this charming young man’s senior pics. I have to admit, I was nervous. I’ve never had the opportunity to do this. So, I thought.. ok.. this will be a good challenge for me. I love to take pics.. but I’ve always been a scenery photographer. I mean I take snapshots of family but.. that is just so different. It was fun tho. The only thing I was frustrated about was the sun. It was not cooperating and we were battling it all day. Poor Brett was squinting a lot. He would kill me for posting this (but he has no idea I have a blog LOL). Some of the pics that were taken are very silly and goofy.. long story short.. his mom went with us, and he started to act up as kids do and I just kept clicking the camera, like I alwyas do! So, enjoy! Take time to have fun!

Ok.. the video wont work.. so here are just a few pictures…

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