Have You Ever Tackled A Fear You Have?

I have to say, I have a little bit of an adventurous side to me. Not like crazy adventurous.. but part of me loves the challenge to tackle something that may make me feel uncomfortable. Have you ever done this?

First, it was going to college.. my fear of being away from home – silly huh?

Then, it was the fear of taking over a business I grew up with.. could I handle it? 25 yrs later.. I am still alive and am an innkeeper.

Next fear.. traveling to the other side of the world to meet my good friend, Klara in New Zealand.. what a wonderful experience that was!

I had an itch to learn how to ride a motorcycle.. I took the Riders Edge course, and got my endorsement on my license and I ride my own Harley Sportster.

So, my real big fear.. guns. Yep, to even touch one.. totally freaks me out. So, I decided to tackle this fear..






These 2 wonderful ladies, Cat and her daughter Whitney were awesome! They were so patient! I tackled my big fear of guns! I learned a lot last night. Just like all those other fears I’ve dealt with.. I got over it. It was actually very interesting and informative. 4 of the 6 of us in class were women. Yay! Oh, and I even learned, they make PINK guns.. and guns with bling… do you see where this may go? LOL.

So, not on a creative note today, but just a personal share. Do you have a “fear”? If so, what is it? I’d love to hear your story. Have you tackled it? If so, how? I will be looking into my CPL license. I feel it is important for me to know how to protect myself in the safest way possible., and it is just kinda cool!

Have a great day.. make something pretty, and get inky! Tackle that fear!



2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Tackled A Fear You Have?”

  1. Hi Dawn 🙂
    Thanks for sharing some of the fears you have experienced. I have a couple of fears. One is a deeply rooted fear of flying birds. Indoors or out but especially indoors. I think I’ve partially overcome the fear since we gave our eldest child a cockatiel for her 16th birthday. She’s almost 26 and guess who has the bird. Not Meghan! I no longer duck and screech when Tigger decides to fly in the house but I will as calmly as possible leave the room before she lands on me.
    The other is having my head under water in open water (lake, ocean, river). I got caught in an undertow when i was 16 and was hauled about 100 yards before I was able to successfully come up for air and stay up. Thought I was going to drown that day. I do go into open water but no further than waist-deep. It took me 3 years to even put my toes back in the water again. Good thing I’m slowly reducing this fear since I’m so close to the beach. The seawater feels good on a hot day 🙂

    • Hi Shellie! Thank you for sharing with me too! You know, it takes a lot to overcome fears like this and it sounds like you have done really well! THAT is awesome! It can be a little scary to tackle a fear – you’re doing great! *hugs* your way.. have a wonderful week and thank YOU for again sharing and leaving a comment.


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