Happy New Year!!! Project Life!

Good Day! Happy New Year to ALL of you!!! How is your year going so far? Mine, well hey, its going! Actually so far so good! My nephew is home visiting.. and that means my household is never the same, but it is in a good way. I will miss him when he goes back to Kentucky for his next semester. So, along with the new year, brings… (oh I am not sure about this word)…. resolutions! *eeek* Yes.. I said the R word *gasp*. So, have you made any? If so, please post a comment and share.. I’d love to hear yours!

My resolution? Well, this one is going to be fun and do able.. I just need to be dedicated. I guess that is what a resolution is all about tho, right? I have 2 actually.. 1. try to relax more and 2. Project, Life!

What the heck is Project Life? Ahh.. this is my other passion.. photography! I love love love my ink, paper and all those yummy embellishments. I also have this LOVE for photography. I think I have loved having a camera in my hand since I was 10 years old. So, what is this Project, Life all about? Well, along with all the other wonderful things I love (like being a Stampin` Up! Demonstrator), I want to document my year of 2012. I think this will be fun, challenging and help me become a better photographer. It will help me become more aware of those little everyday things that we take advantage of in our life.

So, I’m ready. In fact, I have started my project already. Along with keeping a file for all my photographs, I will be teaching myself digital scrapbooking! Woohoo! I love gadgets.. my ipad, my iphone.. (and working on getting a Mac Book Pro). I have my Nikon D60 (one of my BFF’s) and I’m ready! I’m ready to dive into the wonderful world of Digital Scrapbooking! Stampin` Up! had an awesome “My Digital Studio” software and I cannot wait to use it. I’m very excited about this resolution of mine, can you tell?

So, why don’t you join me? Your Project Life doesnt have to be digital, but it can be the traditional scrapbook type too! I’m doing a 365.. to take a photo daily. However, you can do it as weekly documents, monthly documents.. the sky is the limit!

I hope whatever you have made as your resolution(s) that it / they bring you much joy along the way.. lets make this the best year yet!!! Welcome, 2012!

Just for kicks.. here is my photo of the day: (well actually 2)

Yes, today I took my Christmas pretties down and they are tucked away until November. Onward to the New Year.. !!


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