Happy Fathers Day!

Ok.. deep breath! The Gus Macker Basketball Tournament is over. Thank gawd! As an innkeeper, this past weekend was just stressful. I know some will slap me for saying this.. but I tolerate that basketball tournament because they wont get rid of it locally. I wish it would go away. Running a nice inn, its hard to see young people come into town thinking they are invincable and want to party and not give a crap about anyone or anything but themselves. Ok.. off the soapbox, Dawn. Honestly tho.. the most stressful weekend of the year is done. Even the 4th of July is easier than that crappy basketball tournament LOL. Ok.. I know.. slap me! It is just an Innkeepers nightmare.. and thank goodness it is done for another year!

So, today, to take a little time to relax.. went to visit my parents who live 15 miles south of me, on Bass Lake. It is so chillaxing out there. Seriously! Nobody is screaming.. no kids racing around, just peace, quiet and a nice scenery. We had dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert. My Mom loves the birds, and has a lot of bird feeders in the yard… I captured some pictures of a mama bird feeding her young inside a birdhouse along the patio where my dad built some decorative birdhouses. Ruby thought it was fun too – she was chasing the birds in the yard the whole time.. those poor birds! Happy Fathers Day, Dad!!!! Love you 🙂


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