Happy Father’s Day To All You Wonderful Dads!

Hello there! I am still alive! I’m wanting to wish all those wonderful father’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day to you! Here is a quick selfie with my dad! He is so goofy sometimes. I hear I am a spitting image of my dad.. his manerisms and his stubbornness.


This past weekend, our little town hosted a big basketball tournament, called Gus Macker. It makes for an interesting weekend at times for an Innkeeper. I’ve learned a lot and the last few years, its been less of a nightmare. Let’s just say.. that 17-30 yr old male “bracket” can be quite crazy. LOL. Families who are here for the tournament I do truly enjoy. Long story short, this year “Macker Weekend” turned out to be mellow and I’m so happy!

I have been crazy busy. I dont say that in a glorified way, either. I’m happy that business for the Inn so far is going well, but Im VERY understaffed with housekeeping. Needless to say, I have to make choices wether I want to or not. I’ve had NO time to stamp. I’m super sad. I purchased a LOT of fun new products and I want time to stamp and get creative. I will get back into the creative groove.. I promise. I did so well for so long.. and then BAM.. no stamping. šŸ™

Just know.. I’ve not run away. I’m just trying to keep up with the summer season. I hate to disappoint my blog followers. I love you paper crafters! I dont mean to be quiet – just working 16 hour days and by the time I’m done working at 11pm, my brain has been toast.. and I’ve not been overly creative. I think I will start stamping in the lobby soon.

I hope all of you are enjoying family today and enjoying your dad, too! Make something pretty and get inky!! *hugs*


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