A Happy Birthday!

HI Everyone.. I have some catching up to do.. so Ill do a few different posts.. first.. my birthday. Yep, I’ve hit 42.. altho I dont feel 42, and I hate to admit I’m now in my 40s. Don’t they say the 40s is the new 20s? Hey, you have to give me credit for trying! LOL. Anyway, I got some nice things.. and I was able to be a part of the Club Scrap Retreat which was a blast! Another yearly visit with great friends and creativity galore! So, I got home from retreat late October 4 and my birthday the next day.. busy busy busy..! Ruby and Jasmine decided to give me a hand unwrapping my electric big shot sizzix diecut machine.. how sweet! I got my favorite cherry chip cake with cherry frosting (yumm!) and it was a quiet day.. full of…. laundry! After a full weekend away.. back to reality and getting older *gulp*


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