Happy 4th Of July!! Small Town Stuff – Clowning Around

Hi There.. Happy 4th Of July!!! So, what do I do on the holiday? Most of it I spend working, but, I do have a few traditions that I truely enjoy and try to do every 4th of July here in my hometown of Ludington.. (http://www.ludingtoncvb.com/cvb.com/ ). The first is the Fine Arts Show. All I can say is WOW!!! Even tho the economy is bad this year, there were still quite a few artisians and a LOT of people looking. One of the first booths I stopped at, I fell in love with this mirror. She had some fabulous work! This will definately be going into my studio. It was a bit pricey but the work is fabulous and it was love at first sight. She used old scrap metal, old ceiling tiles and beads and more! The other tradition I do enjoy is the local parade. It is about 1 hour long and full of the cheesey local stuff we have every year but its tradition and hey, isnt that what hometown Independence Day stuff is suppose to be about? I save a spot or two on Ludington Avenue hours before.. the parade is serious business for us small town people.. can ya tell? The Scottville Clown Band is pretty cool. They end the line of the parade every year and they end it with a BANG! The are a VERY talented group of local guys who dress up in drag, clown outfits and more.. but their music they do take very seriously! Google them or check them out on Youtube.. they are truely a hoot! Everyone loves them. So, this is how I spent my 4th of July.. I hope you are having a fun and safe holiday and sharing a smile with family and friends!


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